[200q20v] Steering Wheel Squeak

Kevin Phillips kevphill at mediaone.net
Sun Feb 4 17:12:20 EST 2001

Could this be the airbag spring itself ?
Some contact cleaner/lubricant will work well here. As for a safe method of
removing the steering wheel, well I would disconnect the battery and do the
job a few hours later just to be sure. Remember to find the radio code first

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Small item for inquiring "the wisdom of the list", but it's driving me
On a previous Audi I had (87 5Kq), a squeak developed when my hands
rested on the steering wheel and it was turned, especially if it was a
subtle movement. It wasn't too hard to correct as the wheel was easily

An identical noise problem has developed on my two airbag equipped
200's. I can turn the steering wheel without no noise, but when the
weight of my hands rest (not push) on the wheel a squeak is annoyingly
audible and virtually always present.  The noise seems to come from
beneath the horn/airbag unit.
Question: What causes it and can it be corrected w/o removing the
steering wheel (and ensuing airbag complications)?  If not, what's the
technique for NOT detonating the unit and having an explosion accompany
the squeak?
Dale McCormack
91 200 tq
89 200 tqw

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