[200q20v] Steering Wheel Squeak

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Sun Feb 4 23:01:23 EST 2001

I recall having this problem once and just spraying a little WD-40  in the
space. Problem solved. I think it might be the horn ring if our cars are
similiar to my old 81 4k 5+5

mike miller

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Subject: [200q20v] Steering Wheel Squeak

> Small item for inquiring "the wisdom of the list", but it's driving me
> crazy.
> On a previous Audi I had (87 5Kq), a squeak developed when my hands
> rested on the steering wheel and it was turned, especially if it was a
> subtle movement. It wasn't too hard to correct as the wheel was easily
> removed/reattached.
> An identical noise problem has developed on my two airbag equipped
> 200's. I can turn the steering wheel without no noise, but when the
> weight of my hands rest (not push) on the wheel a squeak is annoyingly
> audible and virtually always present.  The noise seems to come from
> beneath the horn/airbag unit.
> Question: What causes it and can it be corrected w/o removing the
> steering wheel (and ensuing airbag complications)?  If not, what's the
> technique for NOT detonating the unit and having an explosion accompany
> the squeak?
> Dale McCormack
> 91 200 tq
> 89 200 tqw

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