[200q20v] Mysterious Stalling

Tomsaudi at aol.com Tomsaudi at aol.com
Mon Feb 5 01:30:27 EST 2001

Hello all-

Thanks for all your help so far as I aquaint myself with my new car. I 
ditched the snow tires Saturday in favor of new Pirelli's. Also, when I turn 
the ignition into the on position, but without starting the engine, I do get 
a 1.0 bar reading for turbo boost. I am still uncertain if I am getting full 
boost though.

Now for my question. While driving the car, in gear, engine cold or slightly 
warm, I've experienced a very scary situation. The engine simply cuts out. 
The two or three times it happened over the weekend, I was simply cruising 
along, not under acceleration or gear changing, then with no warning 
whatsoever, so the engine just dies. Thankfully, in all cases so far, I 
simply coasted to a stop, restarted her, and went on my way.

What bothers me is that there was never any warning. What is going on here?

91 200 20V Quattro
95 90

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