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Why would you remove the intake manifold to change the timing belt? Is there
a reason to?

The only thing I remove to do the timing belt is the front bumper and I
think I drop the aux radiator (the one that is low in front of the car). I
don't even take the camshaft nut off, I just bend the metal cover back a
little bit to get to the water pump bolts and then bend it back. Also, I
don't remove the grill or the intercooler.

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> No problems with stripping the front of the car for the timing belt. I was
> stopped dead by removal of the intake manifold, however, for access to the
> distributor. The Bentley has great directions on this, but I could not
> a 1/4" drive extension long enough to pass through the holes on the
> to bring a 6mm hex head to bear. I'm really going to try to find the long
> hex tool VAG 1669, or an equivalent, because I can see this will be much,
> much easier to do this with the proper tool.
> Tom F.
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