[200q20v] RE: Steering Wheel Squeak

Beer, Jerald jbeer at boosecasey.com
Mon Feb 5 10:53:38 EST 2001

I recently had the wheel off to replace the combi wiper/flasher switch
(flashers  still don't work but that is another story). Only kept the
ignition off, no need to disconnect the battery. No airbag light problem.
Make sure you scribe the wheel and shaft so the wheel goes back _exactly_
the way it came off. Also, the top cover on the steering column came off
easy, but it took a while to figure out the bottom comes off as an assembly.
There is a 6?mm nut under the bottom that can be accessed through a whole
with  the foam blocking view of the nut(or was it an allen?) at about a 45
degree angle. HTH
91 200q [still not flashing; at least the cops are happy :-)]

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