[200q20v] Re: Tour around the engine

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Mon Feb 5 08:33:49 EST 2001


Sounds like exactly what I just went through.  Tell me if the wrench for loosening the crank bolt has some knurls/damage on the metal.  If so, then it's probably the same tool set I just rented.  Also see if they send you the correct seal puller (if you decided to rent the whole enchilada), they sent me a cam seal removal tool.

As far as taking off the intake manifold to change the cap and rotor, if that's all your doing you can proceed with the intake manifold on the car.  You just need a screwdriver to pop of the clips, and reintalling the cap isn't to bad either, just need to find a way to get your hand behind the engine, the clamps can be reinstalled with hand pressure if you can get the right angle.  If you find that you do want to remove the intake, I found a long reach, T-handle allen head wrench at my local tool store that worked real well.  I found that using a 1/4" extension, and then a 1/4"-3/8" adapter didn't work to well; hard to get the extension onto the socket, and had some interference problems with the intake manifold and the socket on some of the rear most screws.  

Derek P.

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