[200q20v] Bernie Benz Design Strut Group Purchase

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Mon Feb 5 12:16:35 EST 2001

We need to find a machine shop that will make up a bunch of the adapters.
Two shops near me were not interested...rather do production valve jobs, I

If you have a good relationship with a shop you are happy with, please
download Bernie's drawing at
http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/images/strutbrace/details.gif and fax it
to them, see what they think the price might be if we had a run of a dozen
or two made up. 

I'm not collecting names. Lets see what the price might be, then see how
many we need- probably ought to alert the big Audi list too, to catch any
owners of earlier cars. We just need to find someone willing to make the
adapter, then each of us can deal with the vendor directly for payment and

Tom F. 

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