[200q20v] Antifreeze smell-Heater Core?

hah at srv.net hah at srv.net
Mon Feb 5 11:32:00 EST 2001

You can complete it in a weekend if you have some idea what you are doing 
and the parts on hand (blower fan, heater core, heater box gasket). I 
wouldn't plan on doing much else that weekend if it's your first time 
inside the dash. Not especially difficult (except getting the heater box 
apart & together again :) just tedious, moving things out of the way, 
etc. The instrument cluster does not have to come out to get the heater 
box, just the lower dash and center console to detach the floor vents from 
the box. It will not come out otherwise, at least on my car. Might speed 
things up to remove the hood as well, need helper for that though.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 112k, one-year-old heater core and blower 
1988 GTI 16v, 216k, 13-year-old heater core and blower

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