[200q20v] Antifreeze smell-Heater Core?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Feb 5 17:48:21 EST 2001

You don't need to remove the dash.  You need to take apart some of the 
stuff UNDER the dash and disconnect some of the interior air ductwork from 
the heater box.   You also need to disconnect wiring, the coolant plumbing 
and possibly a control cable.   Once you have the box out, you separate it 
and then struggle some to loosen the heater core.  With a new core in 
place, you also have to struggle with getting the air flaps in the correct 
orientation while reassembling the box.  Do a Google search on the Audifans 
main page for 200q20v heater core.  While you're in there, you probably 
would want to replace the blower motor unless you know it's been done 
recently.  They seem to fail in 5-7 year periods.

At 04:33 PM 02/05/2001 +0000, digital leopard wrote:

>Hello all, got a question.  Last week, thought I was smelling a slight 
>odor once car has warmed up (not sure-I've had a cold).  Last night, drove 
>home under (cough) higher than normal boost, and the smell was 
>overpowering.  I ended up with a serious headache from the fumes, and when 
>I got home, the car had a drip about a foot in from the middle of the 
>passenger-side tire (seemingly inside the firewall).  I'm assuming from 
>the location and the smell that this is the heater core going bad.  So, 
>question:  The bentley makes this repair seem straightforward.  Is it?  I 
>want to be able to work on the car myself, but don't have much time with 
>the new job.  If I do this, how much time/effort/tools are involved, and 
>what else should I repair while I'm at it?  (Hoses, etc.)  Bottom 
>line-should I try this (I can devote a weekend, but will really need car 
>after that...) or have a local shop do the work?  Also, it looks like the 
>dash has to come off for this fix-does anyone on the list know where I can 
>get the board soldering done on the warning indicator (after all, if the 
>dash has to come off ANYWAY...)  Thanks.
>Ron Merrell.
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