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Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Mon Feb 5 19:18:21 EST 2001

At 3:39 PM -0800 2/5/01, David Priebe wrote:

>I decided that the 91 20v
>wagon would really fit my needs much better than a one of kind (well one of
>250) sports coupe.

well, there aren't that many more 200q20v wagons than UrQ's :-) 
Actually,  I'm pretty sure there are more UrQ's in the US than 
200q20v wagons.  It's not uncommon to see 2, maybe 3 wagons at Mt 
Washington(I believe there were 2 last year) and twice as many UrQ's. 
Both are considered highly desirable in the Audi enthusiast community.

>but I'm assuming it has the Girling

Almost certainly, yes.

>. I haven't been too impressed with their stopping so far, so I might be
>looking at upgrading to the BIRA, some other system or at least putting some
>slotted rotors on.

Don't bother.  Upgrade the entire caliper and rotor.  Slots/holes 
reduce the amount of contact area between the rotor and the pad, as 
well as reducing the amount of rotor material available to absorb 
heat.  Both technologies are designed for race applications where the 
pad material starts to release hot gas at a rate that it prevents, or 
interferes with, contact between the pad and rotor.

Paul Royal once showed up at a tech session and threw down a drilled 
or slotted rotor(can't remember which) that showed cracks, severe 
rust, etc.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why you don't buy 
slotted(or drilled?) rotors."

>I'm assuming that the rear speakers in the wagon are different than 
>the self-igniting units in the sedan.

Yes, totally different, lucky for you :-)

>If thats the case it sounds like I need to get the
>replacement spring and pull the glove box out to get to the flap.

The glovebox does not need to come out; grab a flashlight and throw a 
mat on the door sill, and lie down face up.  You'll be able to 
clearly see the inside of the box with the flap and all.

>It sounds like a contortionist exercise.

Yhea, it can be.  I found it not too bad, but I'm pretty small and young :-)

>Any thoughts? The Parts Connection has these on sale this week.

Yup, replacement cartridges are the fix.  If you don't like the 
price, some other cars use a similar strut(I think Volvo?  Maybe that 
was the hood, I can't remember.)

>  Also I don't have the Bentley yet.
>I'm waiting unit the CD-ROM version is released on 2/19

Sounds like a smart idea.  It will probably be much easier to search 
through and browse.  Your average laptop is about the same weight as 
one of the paper volumes :-)

>I'm taking the car into University VW/Audi to have the airbag sensor recall
>taken care of there. Is there anything else that I should have them look at
>that only a dealer would be the appropriate place to have checked?

Check to see that the A/C relay/clutch TSB/whatever has been done. 
It's not a free service.  Kneale has been talking about this recently.

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