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Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Feb 5 19:41:33 EST 2001

If you put your head in the footwell and look up behind the glovebox, 
you'll see a plastic mesh (rigid) and the open flap above it, just to make 
certain that's the problem.  To remove the glovebox, you need to take the 
endcap off the dash (one screw at the bottom corner next to the doorjamb 
and then kind of pull down/out.  You can then look into the side and see 
some screws that hold the glovebox assembly to the underside of the steel 
dash.  I think they're 4mm allen head screws.  There are a couple on the 
inboard end of the box that are very difficult to loosen because there is 
minimal clearance.  All you need is to loosen them, I think.  Then you can 
pull the glovebox assembly out because the screws are in slots with holes 
at the ends large enough to clear the heads.  Then you drop the plastic 
screening and you have access to the flap.  In most cases, the door hangs 
open because the spring has cut through the plastic bar in the HVAC 
evaporator box that it attaches to.  The other case is that the end broke 
off the spring.  In the latter circumstance, you can pull the next loop up 
and form a new hookend to attach to the plastic bar.  I found it easier to 
take the plastic spring anchor out of the door and attach the spring to the 
bar (I had to reinforce the cut bar with a piece of tin bent into a U and 
drilled to form an anchoring point), and then pull the spring and plastic 
anchor down until I could twist the anchor back into the door.

I can't tell you anything about the hatch struts.   I do know the similar 
struts on hoods get weaker with age.

At 03:39 PM 02/05/2001 -0800, David Priebe wrote:

>The front windshield has fogged up suddenly twice now. Once when it was
>humid (rainy) and once when it was dry. Both times it was fairly cold out.
>This sounds like to recirculation flap spring that is mentioned on Chris
>Miller's site. If thats the case it sounds like I need to get the
>replacement spring and pull the glove box out to get to the flap. How long
>would this take for a newbie? It sounds like a contortionist exercise.
>The rear hatch doesn't stay up. The previous owner included a dowl with the
>car to hold it up. He said that he had replaced the cartridges once before,
>but they still didn't hold the hatch up. He said it works fine in the
>summer, but when its colder they don't work. Any thoughts? The Parts
>Connection has these on sale this week. Also I don't have the Bentley yet.
>I'm waiting unit the CD-ROM version is released on 2/19
>Any recommendations for mechanics in the Kirkland area? I have heard that
>Redmond European is good. Anyone have any good or bad experiences there? I
>plan to do as much work on the car myself as possible, but there are those
>occasions when I simply don't have the time (or the skills) to do things
>I'm taking the car into University VW/Audi to have the airbag sensor recall
>taken care of there. Is there anything else that I should have them look at
>that only a dealer would be the appropriate place to have checked?
>I need to get a bra to protect the front end of the car from all the
>sand/gravel on the mountain passes. Any recommendations? I've seen the name
>Colgan pop up a few times as a good bra.
>Thanks in advance,
>Dave Priebe
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