[200q20v] Re: K26 in a 91 200 20v?????? 2ND POST!!!!!!

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Mon Feb 5 17:50:53 EST 2001

> Isnt the k26 the stock turbo on the UrQ (non water cooled?). If so, I
> wouldnt go out of my way to fit one on your car!
> Bob
> (memory failing...)
> > Hi allI have a friend that is selling his K26 turbo out of a 944
> > turbo....I am considering buying it if I can install it in my 91 200
> > tq 20v. Is it a direct bolt on, and what type of gains could one
> > expect to see. I already have the car chipped by SJM and a K&N, future
> > plans are dual 3'' custom cat back exhaust and BIRA brake upgrade.
> > This is my second post and my buddy is giving me a little heat. Any
> > help is appreciated. ThanksTim

Not all K26's are the same, nor are all K24's.  Most likely, the turbo from
the 944 has the same flanges as the Audi, so it might fit.

The 944 turbo most likely resembles the K26 in our Audi 5000 and 200 10V
engines, or perhaps the older pre-water cooled K26 models.

You would most likely have more turbo lag as it is a bigger turbo.  MC
engine owners often upgrade their K26 with a K24 from a 20V to reduce turbo
lag with some sacrifice to the top end power potential.  You are
contemplating the converse.

With a mild SJM chip upgrade, you most likely are not overspooling your K24,
so the K26 would not gain you anything on the top end, and it would
introduce more lag.

Unless you hear definitively from someone like Ned or Scott that this is a
good idea, I'd pass on the K26.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

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