[200q20v] Boost bypass

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 5 20:22:04 EST 2001

I don't know what you've found, but the Porsche 951 and 993tt bypass valves
have been superceded to the same part as the valve in the 200q20v as well
as the 1.8T engine in the A4 and the 2.7T engine in the S4, A6 and allroad.

I'm getting a Bailey valve from Air and Water for our 1.8T and possibly
considering one for my 200q as well. Nice to get a valve that doesn't break
down once a year.

When you mention metal, are you talking about metal in the internals or
all-metal construction? The Bosch valve I bought from Audi a little while
ago was plastic construction with a metal piece inside.


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