[200q20v] RE: K26 in a 91 200 20v?????? 2ND POST!!!!!!

Michael Pederson mlped at uswest.net
Mon Feb 5 19:16:34 EST 2001

Tim -

There are two (at least) types of K26's on 944's.  The 944 Turbo "S",
produced for only a year or two towards the end of the 944's production run,
used a substantially larger hotside.  As you know, the 944 is a larger
displacement engine (2.5 liter or @ 151ci) than your Audi 3B's 2,226 cc
(136ci).  OTOH, the Porsche 944's were most all 2 valve per cylinder vs..
the Audi's 4.  FWIW, the 944 with the "regular" k26 was rated around 217bhp,
whereas the factory "spec'd" the 944 Turbo "S" engine around 247bhp.  In
stock form, I don't think the Porsche engine was setup to turn quite many
rpm out of the box as the Audi engine.  I think the Porsche 944 redline was
set @ 6000 rpm (not sure about that though) compared to the Audi 3B's
7000rpm limit.

The 944 Turbo hotside will bolt up to an S4 exhaust manifold (the AAN)
engine, not sure about your 3B.  BUT be aware, particularly if you've got a
hold of the Turbo "S" K26 (unless the guy who set my hybrid machined out
that part of the hotside housing, which I don't know - I only was able to
take the measurement after the work was done), that you had better have a
2.5" inside diameter downpipe to hook up to the turbo's exhaust gas flange -
the stock K24's exhaust flange is @ 45mm in diameter, the 944 K26 Turbo "S"
is @ 62-63mm in diameter, i.e. almost but not quite 2.5"  - -

I think conventional list wisdom would be that this is not the place you
want to restrict the spent exhaust gases & heat from leaving the turbine
quickly.  The rest of the conventional wisdom would say, "more top end, some
kind of slower spool up..."  As far as gains - hum, well Porsche claims the
"stock" 944 to make @ 217bhp -- ditto your 3B with the stock K24.  My guess
would be more top end, but ????? at launch, where in many listers opinion
your 3,800 lbs car needs it the most.  I believe the 944 weighs
substantially (my guess, & its only a guess) less by probably close to 800 -
1,000 lbs than your 1991 200tq.

My suggestion - do the 3" exhaust & larger downpip FIRST, turbo 2nd, or at
most concurrently.  But maybe someone else on the list has a better handle
on the plumbing requirements & heat problems

PS whats the URL / mailing list for the 20vlist?
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  Hi all
  I have a friend that is selling his K26 turbo out of a 944 turbo....I am
considering buying it if I can install it in my 91 200 tq 20v. Is it a
direct bolt on, and what type of gains could one expect to see. I already
have the car chipped by SJM and a K&N, future plans are dual 3'' custom cat
back exhaust and BIRA brake upgrade. This is my second post and my buddy is
giving me a little heat. Any help is appreciated.

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