[200q20v] Boost bypass

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Mon Feb 5 22:36:00 EST 2001

At 8:22 PM -0500 2/5/01, TM wrote:

>When you mention metal, are you talking about metal in the internals or
>all-metal construction? The Bosch valve I bought from Audi a little while
>ago was plastic construction with a metal piece inside.

The metal piece you see is the result from a problem Saabs had with 
hooting noises, believe it or not.  Its only function is to change 
the resonant frequency of the moving part of the valve so it doesn't 
make obnoxious noises during its operation :-)  Search for "hooting 
noise" on the saab lists, you'll probably come across it.  Weird, eh?

I'm going off what some other owners were saying at one of the tech 
sessions; I thought someone mentioned that the construction(not sure 
what part) was metal and much more durable.  Maybe it was Wayne that 
mentioned it to me?

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