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Mon Feb 5 23:38:31 EST 2001

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Thomas.Forhan at writes:

> We've got people talking about two seperate problems here, one the "classic"
>  stalling as you come to a stop, which often indicates as Paul says, a turbo
>  bypass valve. The second situation is a complete cut out when crusing- that
>  seems very different. 
>  In both cases, the first thing to do is pull the error codes: Chris pages
>  link to Scott Mockry's excellent directions make this so easy you can do it
>  in a minute- you just need to go to Radio Shack and buy a diode with a
>  resitor already in line, and Office Depot to buy a paper clip to serve as
>  the jumper.
>  Mine was the turbo bypass valve, stalling as I came to an intersection,  
>  I also had low boost - about .3 bar below previously highest readings. 
>  way, download those error codes- they are a real help.
>  Good luck, 
>  Tom F. 

I think the intermittant "cutting out" while driving might be a flaky 
ignition switch.  You're not carrying a bunch of keys on your key ring, are 
you?  As they move around, you may lose contact and stall the engine.

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