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Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Feb 6 00:51:13 EST 2001

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> At 07:18 PM 02/05/2001 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >Check to see that the A/C relay/clutch TSB/whatever has been done. It's
> >not a free service.  Kneale has been talking about this recently.
> >
> >Brett
> >--
> Was this done even if there were no symptoms?  I understood that not all
> the A/C clutches caused the voltage spike, and that was Audi's
> justification for not making it a free recall.

I had my A/C compressor replaced and it did not cure the pop in the radio.
The SoCal dealer that sold the car put 3 radios in it in the 1st 40k miles.
Guess the bozo didnt read the TSBs as it was out before the car was sold.

mike miller
quattro'ing in the Montana icy slush

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