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Timing belt and water pump!!!!! Do this ASAP.

I recommend Bilstein Sport w/ lowering springs.

Maybe a set of S6 Avus wheels from Leigh Anderson's group purchase?

Euro lights- I recommend VM Autohaus in Canada. The Blau harness makes
putting the whole thing together easier as well.

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  Hello; I expect to complete the purchase of a 1991 Audi 200 Quattro wagon
this week.  I was wondering if anyone can tell me what would be the critical
items to service/inspect at 116,000 miles (current mileage)?  I drove the
car about 10 miles at pretty high speed; boost hit 1.8, brakes feel good,
steers straight (very light steering but I think that has been complained
about before on Audi's by car magazines), interior in nice shape.  Paint
covers the car but the car needs paint to look real nice; no rust.  All of
the metal hydraulic lines just recently replaced, power steering pump; looks
real new in the engine compartment in that area.  The original steering rack
is in the car.

  I do intend to take the car to an experienced Audi mechanic; any words of
wisdom for me?

  Also, performance; this car has a TAP chip installed; what else can be
done to increase power without spending major bucks?  Can the boost be
increased a bit without hurting the engine?

  Recommendation of place to buy lower springs and shocks?  I am putting H &
R springs on my 911; use those for the Audi, too?  Bilstein heavy duty or
Bilstein sport shocks?  What about wheel size; the stock BBS wheels are
scuffed but serviceable but I expect I'll switch to 16 or 17" rims when the
current tires wear out; recommenations?

  Last for now; where does a person purchase euro headlamps to completely
replace the stock units?  I thought the lights on my benz were bad; they are
great compared to the audi!

  Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

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