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I recently purchased three-way speakers from Rainbow (Germany). The dash
speakers hold 10cm speakers, but there is not much depth in the dash. I
_will_ put the tweeter in A-pillow. The 16cm woofer will go into a
doorboard. The PO already installed a two way system in the back doors.

For a sub I suggest one in the bottom of the luggage departement on top
of the spare tire. Nearly stealth. Only problem you will have is, you
need a heavy amp to power the thing.

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Can anybody tell me what size speakers fit in an Audi 200 quattro wagon
(1991); non bose stereo.  I would like to upgrade to ADS component
speakers and would appreciate any information on the topic.   Anybody
have any suggestions as to the best place to mount a sub unobtrusively?



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