[200q20v] Pentosin

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Wed Feb 7 16:33:08 EST 2001

Fellow listers:

Following up on a somewhat distant thread.......I recently picked up several
containers of synthetic Pentosin 11S from Parts Connection (on sale -- $12 a
container!) and remembered that I'm still running the old nonsynth stuff.
Warnings on both containers proclaim boldly (Achtung!!!) not to mix the two,
but I seem to recall info from Scott's website that mixing the two was
acceptable (though I recall his preference for 11S).  Do I need to flush the
system and fill with 11S if I start to run low or can I top off/mix old with
the new stuff?  Does it matter?    


Mark A. Trank
mtrank at albemarle.org
mtrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
91 200q20v 85k miles

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