[200q20v] another question

Chewy4000 at aol.com Chewy4000 at aol.com
Wed Feb 7 19:25:42 EST 2001

On my sedan, Im prety shure it actualy takes a 4" on the dash. Reason is cause a friend put 31/2 s and had to rig them to stay in larger whole.
I put a set of Tweeters in dash wholes, 6x9s in rear deck, and used the factory Bose 4" on the front doors. Wired dash , doors and Deak to trunk. A Bazooka sits in the trunk along with 2 amps, one for sub the other for the rest. Oh and I instaled a Kenwood EQ half din in the coin dispenser, perfect fix.

I think Its good enough for my self inside th car.

91 200 20v
87 4000csq

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