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Frank's of Berkeley says the 4" ADS will fit in the dash; they've done it before.  As for the amp; if you want good sound...and the best bass possible out of those expensive ADS speakers.....get a McInstosh or ADS; it is worth the extra 300 bux or so you'll pay for one of the best as opposed to just another solid state amp.

If you really want an amp for the car get a Milbert...30w tube amp...

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  Hi guys, I have been researching a new stereo system for my Avant, and I am 
  about to purchase the following equipment. 

  For the dash:  4 inch ADS separates, there appears to be room for a 4 inch 
  woofer, their is an offset spot next to the woofer where a tweeter can fit 
  with some minor fabrication.  The stock grill will be used. 

  Front doors:  No speakers currently, I do not believe that there is room to 
  cut any in. 
  If somebody has successfully fit speakers into the front doors, I would 
  appreciate hearing from you. 

  Rear doors:  5 1/4 ADS separates. 

  Amp:  Crossfire 5 channel (good bang for the buck) 45x4 + 125 watt sub.  Will 
  fit nicely next to the spare tire under the rear cargo deck. 

  Sub:  I will build a custom inclosure into the driver side rear wheel 
  compartment.  I drive a lot of 500 mile weekends in the summer with a lot of 
  cargo, so the floor is not an option for me. 

  EQ:  Kenwood makes a good 5 band + 2 band sub control EQ that I have in my 
  used in other cars.  With some fabrication it will fit nicely in the coin 
  compartment next to the seat-heater switches.  The coin door will be retained 
  for stealth reasons. 

  CD head unit:  I am hung up on red or orange illumination.  So a Blau or 
  Nakamichi is most likely. 

  This is the most likely scenario for this project, I hope to start this in 
  late April.  Any feed back or suggestions will be appreciated. 

  91 Avant, chipped, Euro's         
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