[200q20v] Reluctant Spark Plugs

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Thu Feb 8 11:32:08 EST 2001

As the seal between the spark-plug and the head is made by the gasket-washer
way up they-ahh at the top of the threads, the threads themselves are
exposed to combustion-chamber by-products and some gunk in the threads is
normal and to be expected.



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When I have seen this in the past I cleaned the threads with a kids tooth
brush and a little gasoline. If it looks like you will have a lot of junk in
the cylinders when you get done you can use something a little less volatile
and vacuum it out when you are done. That seemed to do the trick for me.


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>I started to pull the old plugs before work today, and they come out very
>slowly. At first I thought they were stripped, but there was gradual
>movement and  when I got two out it turns out they are covered with a
>varnish like substance from the threads up onto the insulator. My first
>guess is that they actually were not tight and what I am looking at is
>residue from years and years of minor leakage from the combustion chamber.
>My real worry is putting the new plugs back in, 'cause this deposit must be
>on the threads in the head as well. As sticky as they are, it seems like I
>would not be able to tell the difference between the stickyness and
>cross-threading.  Should I try to clean them a bit with some sort of
>solvent, like Liquid Wrench? I'd rather not take off the valve cover, and I
>sure don't want to run a tap down there!
>Tom F.
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