[200q20v] Introduction (long)

David Priebe dpriebe at dpriebe.seanet.com
Thu Feb 8 14:37:19 EST 2001

>At 3:39 PM -0800 2/5/01, David Priebe wrote:
>>I decided that the 91 20v
>>wagon would really fit my needs much better than a one of kind (well one
>>250) sports coupe.
>well, there aren't that many more 200q20v wagons than UrQ's :-)
>Actually,  I'm pretty sure there are more UrQ's in the US than
>200q20v wagons.  It's not uncommon to see 2, maybe 3 wagons at Mt
>Washington(I believe there were 2 last year) and twice as many UrQ's.
>Both are considered highly desirable in the Audi enthusiast community.

Anyone know the total production numbers for the '91 200q20v wagons. I heard
that only 149 were imported into the US, but I imagine that there were many
more worldwide. What about for the 200q20v sedan? 1000? I've read that all
of the urqs were all 'hand built' outside of the normal production factory.
I'm assuming that the 200q20v were all built in the normal factory alongside
the other models for '91. Does anyone know?

Take it easy,
Dave Priebe
'91 200tqw

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