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Neil Vonhof nhv at citylinq.com
Thu Feb 8 18:52:13 EST 2001

I have heard that there were 1,200 '91 200q20v's sedans imported to the US.
Trouble is, I can't remember the source so I can't be 100% sure that this is
-Neil Vonhof
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David Priebe wrote:

> >At 3:39 PM -0800 2/5/01, David Priebe wrote:
> >
> >>I decided that the 91 20v
> >>wagon would really fit my needs much better than a one of kind (well one
> of
> >>250) sports coupe.
> >
> >well, there aren't that many more 200q20v wagons than UrQ's :-)
> >Actually,  I'm pretty sure there are more UrQ's in the US than
> >200q20v wagons.  It's not uncommon to see 2, maybe 3 wagons at Mt
> >Washington(I believe there were 2 last year) and twice as many UrQ's.
> >Both are considered highly desirable in the Audi enthusiast community.
> >
> Anyone know the total production numbers for the '91 200q20v wagons. I heard
> that only 149 were imported into the US, but I imagine that there were many
> more worldwide. What about for the 200q20v sedan? 1000? I've read that all
> of the urqs were all 'hand built' outside of the normal production factory.
> I'm assuming that the 200q20v were all built in the normal factory alongside
> the other models for '91. Does anyone know?
> Take it easy,
> Dave Priebe
> '91 200tqw
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