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> It appears that the door speakers were only present in the sedans,
>  as you are the third Avant owner to mention this to me. Weird- I don't
>  understand the reasoning behind this at all.
>  Taka

Bose and Audi designed the system to use front 4" in the door (optimal 
placement), using a big ported box to exagerate the bass; together with 6x9" 
speakers on the rear deck (low-mid range).  The wagon has no place for the 
rear speakers to live; thus they're out of luck.  The Bose system was 
designed for the V8 (money not spared) and 200q sedans, as the wagons were 
not as popular, and didn't justify the extra design.  big difference in 
acoustics; the bose system even used different rear drivers for cloth and for 
leather interiors.

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