[200q20v] more problems, cont

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Fri Feb 9 08:06:01 EST 2001

At 01:41 AM 2/9/2001 -0500, Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:
>Sorry, I hit Enter by accident.
>Next, my speedo at times will waver up and down, bouncing at 5-10mph
>increments. And while doing so, it is reporting an inaccurate speed. At 3,000
>rpm, it hovers at around 60 mph. The speedo eventually corrects itself, so I
>can see that 3,000rpm in 5th is actually 75mph.
>Well, or all, that's now. I don't plan on doing the work myself, but I always
>feel better if I am armed with info before going to the dealer.
>91 200 20V Quattro
>95 90
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Sounds like a potential issue related to the bad solder joints in the 
instrument cluster...
My not only exhibited this behavior, but some of the trouble indicators 
would be lit, and the autocheck computer display showed hieroglyphics...

Following the instructions on Chris' and Scott Mockery's websites, I 
removed the cluster form the car and touched up the solder joints, solving 
the problem.


Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20v TQW
Chelmsford, MA USA
peschulz at cisco.com

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