[200q20v] Can we all have 3 pairs of speakers? Was RE: Front Door Speakers ?

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Fri Feb 9 10:01:54 EST 2001

How are the rear Bose speakers set up in the sedans? Behind the seat in the
package tray? Do they have speakers in the rear door panels?

The Avants -non-Bose, of course- have a woofer (probably 5 1/4) and seperate
tweeter in the two rear door panels. 

Maybe there was no way to put (larger?) Bose units in the Avant.

Maybe sedan owners should hit the junkyards for Avant rear door panels, and
Avant owners should be looking for front door panels from sedans with Bose.
Then we could all have three pairs of speakers.

Does anyone have a postable photo of a Bose front seat panel?

Tom F.

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> Maybe it has to do with the differences in "space" around the 
> driver/passenger heads.  I drove an avant once and kept 
> "hearing" all that 
> extra room beyond where the rear windows are in my sedans.
> At 10:19 PM 02/08/2001 -0500, TM wrote:
> >It appears that the door speakers were only present in the sedans,
> >as you are the third Avant owner to mention this to me. 
> Weird- I don't
> >understand the reasoning behind this at all.
> >
> >Taka
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> >Front Door Speakers? Huh? There are none in my Avant.
> >
> >  Is this standard on sedans, or part of the Bose system? 
> I'd love to get 
> > some gray door panels from junkyard if I could have a 
> factory-like front 
> > door speakers
> >
> >Tom F.
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> >The front speakers, I can give you some info on:
> >The dash speakers are approx. 3.5", although you will only have
> >one in the passenger side if you have the factory phone installed.
> >
> >The front door speakers are 4".
> >
> >If you get a/d/s speakers, make sure you get the 4" component
> >set. I recommend against mounting the tweeters in the dash locations,
> >as you will end up with too much treble boost from reflecting off of
> >the windshield. Yes, even with those sweet soft dome tweeters in the
> >a/d/s line.
> >
> >Sorry, I can't help with the rear speakers. Someone recently spoke of
> >putting a custom enclosure in one of the rear wheel well 
> areas, if you
> >can do this. I think you can put the spare under the cargo 
> floor (IIRC,
> >a full size spare will fit there) and then use the space 
> where the doughnut
> >spare usually resides to build a custom enclosure. You will 
> have to have
> >a custom glassed exterior to match the contours, though, 
> which will be
> >very expensive.
> >
> >I just went through a complete gutting of my factory Audi/Bose stereo
> >and am wondering what setup you're considering.
> >
> >HTH,
> >Taka
> >
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> >Subject: [200q20v] another question
> >
> >Can anybody tell me what size speakers fit in an Audi 200 
> quattro wagon 
> >(1991); non bose stereo.  I would like to upgrade to ADS component 
> >speakers and would appreciate any information on the topic.  
>  Anybody have 
> >any suggestions as to the best place to mount a sub unobtrusively?
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Carl
> >

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