[200q20v] Random Issues

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Fri Feb 9 10:19:18 EST 2001

Ok, I've had the 200 20V for over a year now, and so far so good, with only a
few "minor" issues. Since buying it in 11/99 I have:

- Replace Multi function temp switch (was only getting 1.3 bar boost and AC was
non-functional when I bought the car. This switch fixed both issues)
- Replaced the distributor (No start, bad Hal sensor)
- Replaced the O2 sensor with generic Bosch 3-wire
- Hoppen Chip (Through Chris Millers group purchase)
- Installed H4/H1 euro lights
- Installed full Stebro Exhaust (w/ new cats)
- Replaced crankcase breather hose
- Replace turbo bypass valve
- K&N filter

OK, now the issues I still have with the car:

When I first installed the modified ECU, I would see 0.8 bar with ignition on,
engine off. Just recently, I have noticed I now see 1.0 bar with the engine
off.  What gives?  Car still feels the same, but I'm only seeing 1.6-1.7 bar on
the stock digital gauge most of the time under full boost, with an occasional
1.8 end ever so rarely a 1.9. 

When I had the no start situation, my mechanic was swapping out parts with known
good items from his 20V to make sure it was the distributor.  Any chance I got
his ECU back by mistake.  Any way to identify a modified ECU from a stock one
from the outside?

Along those same lines, I have never got very good gas mileage, seeing 16-17mpg
around town, and 20-22mpg on the highway.  With every modification I made to
car, I expected to see a change in my mileage, but it has remained rock solid. 
I run 93 octane.  Any thoughts why my mileage seems so much lower than the
average for our cars?

Just recently, the drivers door handle, both the inside and outside one, has
become very stiff.  I'm worried every time I open the door, I'm going to hear a
snap, rather than the door opening.  Is there a mechanism I should lube/check
for this issue?

Any finally, my H2O temp gauge has just recently become nonfunctional.  Car
heats up just fine, oil temp gets up to where it should be, heater works great,
but the H2O temp sensor doesn't budge from the peg.  Is there an easy test for
the source?

OK, that's it, thanks a bunch!

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