[200q20v] G60's vs. UFO's

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Fri Feb 9 11:40:23 EST 2001

Bernie Benz wrote:
> As I remember, the braking torque advantage of the UFOs over the G60s is
> 20%, all gained because of the increase in rotor diamenter.  The two
> calopers have identical piston CSA.  So, IMO. your PO did you no favors with
> the conversion.

I guess what I don't understand is that if I'm able to lock the brakes up, or
activate the ABS, with the G60's, in other words, reach maximum braking, with
very little effort, what advantages would the UFO's offer?  Isn't maximum
braking maximum braking?

Please excuse the ignorance.

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