[200q20v] Can we all have 3 pairs of speakers? Was RE: Front Door Speakers

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Fri Feb 9 11:43:57 EST 2001


The sedan door speakers appear to do an excellent job of hiding the terrible
L/R imbalance that is always a major problem with dash-mounted speakers.
Both front passengers appear to enjoy a far better L/R balance Vs other
systems. I like them in spite of the physical protrusion and have yet to
kick in a grille.  :)  Now those rear amplifier/speaker units that fail
frequently and even burn, those are problematic, IMFO. Been through 2x in <2


<IMO the front doorpanel speaker setup in the '91 200 sedan is a
<*major* PIA.  It places a considerable speaker protrusion just where
<it (and its wimpy plastic grill) is likely to get kicked nearly every
<time the driver enters or exits the car. Avant owners should consider
<that aspect before developing  much lust for sedan door panels.

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