[200q20v] Sealant Questions: Crankshaft and Rotor

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Feb 9 12:40:54 EST 2001

Does anyone replace this bolt?  Does Bentley recommend it?  I thought about
it because of the 330lb ft torque; it must stretch a good bit.  I'll bet a
new one comes with the factory lock tite like the flywheel bolts.  OTOH it
is a monster fastner.



> Fergit the locktite on the rotor, not needed IMFO. Only makes the next
> replacement more difficult...
> Crankshaft bolt? I just use Red Locktite.
> -glen
> Hey, the parts and tools arrived and its going back together!
> I got a recommendation from the archives for Loctite 640 
> adhesive for the
> distributor rotor. Three local flaps carry Permatex products, 
> not Loctite.
> Does anyone know any equivalent products?
> Second, how about the sealant for the bolt into the 
> crankcase? Bentley has
> an VAG number, is this a pliable product like Permatex 2? Any other
> suggestions?
> T

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