[200q20v] Thinking of upgrading exhaust???? Any suggestions

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Sat Feb 10 11:37:54 EST 2001

Jeff Posto on the S-car list is organizing a Stromung group buy for the S
cars. Once
that is finished, he is talking to Stromung about doing a group buy for the
'91 200q20v.
I'd wait a couple weeks for some feedback from him. The Stromung is a full
3" exhaust for about $900 (group buy price). I think I will go that route,
if I can afford it.

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  Hi all
  I'm thinking of upgrading the exhaust on my 91 200tq20v, I have a SJM chip
& K&N running about 19psi of boost. I would like to have something that
would give me more power and a throatier sound. Do any of you have any
experience with ANY applications i.e. custom, prefabbed. I would really like
some feed back. Thanks

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