[200q20v] Help: crank seal removal without proper tool

Calliope calliope3 at starpower.net
Sat Feb 10 15:03:49 EST 2001

I discovered this morning that the tool kit Blau rented to me for timing
belt replacement included the cam seal removal tool instead of the
forward crank shaft seal tool, although the new  seal itself is correct.
For about three hours I've been gingerly drilling, dremeling, and
pulling with an awl bent into a hook to no avail. Anyone have any
secrets to getting it out? I'm being very careful about not doing any
damage to the block surface where the seal sits.

Please e-mail directly, I am not subscribed at home


Tom F.
200q20V Avant in a million pieces on the garage floor.
Feel free to phone if you have the perfect solution:: 202 258 0221

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