[200q20v] RE: Can we all have 3 pairs of speakers? Was RE: Front Door Speakers?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 10 20:18:57 EST 2001

The rear Bose setup in the sedan consists of 6x9s firing through
a 6.5" grille in the rear deck. No speakers in the rear doors.

It could have been done in the Avant- I've seen it done in other
non-Audis. Heck, Cadillac had the Delco/Bose system with 6x9s in
the front doors.

BTW, extra speakers is not the solution to better sound. You're
better off getting the front door panels and Bose enclosures for
the Avant, scrapping the dash speakers and putting a nice set
of component speakers in the front doors with tweeters mounted
either on the A-pillar, upper door panel or ideally, low on the door
panel angled up toward the listener close to the midrange drivers.

If I had a digital cam, I'd send you a photo of my doors.


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