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Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Feb 10 22:44:34 EST 2001

Like has been said countless times, the entire system, from the head 
unit to the amps to the speakers, were custom designed by Bose for 
the type 44 interior(this probably equated to nothing more than 
simply running a pink/white noise generator and mic inside the car to 
tune the system, then adjusting here and there.)

In any case, Audi had 3 years to move the Bose system to the newer 
style type 44 and decided not to.  I'm sure they had a reason, and 
it's pretty pointless to bitch about it 10+ years later :-)


At 8:13 PM -0500 2/10/01, TM wrote:
>What I don't understand is why they did this. It would have been
>much cheaper for Audi to produce just one sound system in these
>cars- the Audi/Bose system. Then they can put the front door speakers
>to use instead of dash speakers and use the rear door speakers for
>fill in the Avant. It's going to sound lousy in a wagon regardless,
>so you may as well try to make it as good as possible. Better yet,
>have the same speaker setup but no Bose.
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