Front Door Speakers? Was RE: [200q20v] another question

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Sun Feb 11 23:41:38 EST 2001

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> Chris,
>  What I don't understand is why they did this. It would have been
>  much cheaper for Audi to produce just one sound system in these
>  cars- the Audi/Bose system. Then they can put the front door speakers
>  to use instead of dash speakers and use the rear door speakers for
>  fill in the Avant. It's going to sound lousy in a wagon regardless,
>  so you may as well try to make it as good as possible. Better yet,
>  have the same speaker setup but no Bose.
>  Taka

Well, I'd think the system was designed for the "money no object" V8 sedan, 
which matches the 200q20v sedan.  The wagon is a different beast altogether, 
from a sound point of view.  They already had the wagon design from earlier 
cars, so no cost there.

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