[200q20v] Help: crank seal removal without proper tool

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Feb 12 13:05:34 EST 2001

If I recall, I think I removed the oil pump assembly, and knocked it out
from behind with various punches and chisels.  Then seated the new one using
a short pvc pipe, with a large fender washer driven by the crank bolt.


> In a message dated 2/10/01 3:06:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> calliope3 at starpower.net writes:
> > I discovered this morning that the tool kit Blau rented to 
> me for timing
> >  belt replacement included the cam seal removal tool instead of the
> >  forward crank shaft seal tool, although the new  seal 
> itself is correct.
> >  For about three hours I've been gingerly drilling, dremeling, and
> >  pulling with an awl bent into a hook to no avail. Anyone have any
> >  secrets to getting it out? I'm being very careful about 
> not doing any
> >  damage to the block surface where the seal sits.
> >  
> >  Please e-mail directly, I am not subscribed at home
> >  
> >  Thanks
> >  
> >  Tom F.
> >  200q20V Avant in a million pieces on the garage floor.
> >  Feel free to phone if you have the perfect solution:: 202 258 0221
> >  
> the bent seal puller works, but is not the most elegant.
> Many local auto parts stores lend or rent pullers; some 
> people also have used 
> a sheet metal screw after drilling a small pilot hole.
> The seal uses a flexible inner portion along the crank, held 
> to the crank 
> with a spring.   can you pry it out?  The seal puller I use 
> screws through 
> the metal portion, with the threads getting purchase in the 
> brass portion of 
> the seal; then forces it out by pushing against the crank shaft.
> I did a timing belt on a car with a major gouge from an 
> improper seal removal 
> tool  The gouge was in the block surface; the last mechanic 
> used gasket maker 
> to seal that portion of the seal (fill the gouge in the 
> block).  Their 
> repair, while not elegant, worked fine, as the seal wasn't leaking...
> Chris
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