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Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Mon Feb 12 10:45:08 EST 2001

Having had a set of Porterfield R compound pads in my old 4k turbo with good
results, I installed a set of Porterfield R-4S's about a week before the NW
QCUSA track event at PIR back in November, My experience with them was not
the best. They did work well on the street, good stopping power, some but
not a ton of dust and a little noise.

On the track they appeared to be working well until about 15 minutes into
the session when they just went south on me. Loss of Pedal, loss of stopping
When I came back in and cooled the brakes down I found that my pads were 90%
gone and the UFO's were destroyed.

The thing that bothered me the most is that I was not using them as hard as
I had used the stock pads at Bremerton about 3 months earlier with no I'll

Pete Kunzler

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>I checked with Porterfield and got the following response:
>Front pad AP 467 R-4S High Performance Street pad $89.00 and rear AP
>228 R-4S $69.00. That pads are priced per axle set which is 4 pieces.
>I installed these on my 72 911 and really like the way they work both
>and autocrossing.
>Their address is: porterfield-brakes.com
>on 2/9/01 4:15 PM, GSTREIN at aol.com at GSTREIN at aol.com wrote:
>> Sorry for the question yet one more time regarding replacement brake pads
>> the UFO's.  Any opinion on what pad is better Jurid or Textar? There is a
>> small price difference @$20 more for the Textar - are they worth it?  Do
>> either have less dust?
>> If anyone has another pad manufacturer for said please disclose...I don't
>> have the time to remove and send out for resurfacing current pads with my
>> selection of compound.
>> Thanks!  Frank
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