[200q20v] UFO brake pads

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Mon Feb 12 18:51:08 EST 2001

In a message dated 2/12/01 9:34:51 AM, don at lilligdesign.com writes:

<< I checked with Porterfield and got the following response:

Front pad AP 467 R-4S High Performance Street pad $89.00 and rear AP
228 R-4S $69.00. That pads are priced per axle set which is 4 pieces. >>

I just ordered a set of font pads from a local AutoZone with part # PKM467 
for the UFO style caliper/rotor V8's and 20v's.  I wonder due to the part # 
including "467" if this could be made through Porterfield - perhaps this is 
just an industry standard nomenclature for the style of backing plate...just 
thought I'd mention it in case due the ridiculously low price of $44.99!!  
I'll let you all know when I get them with more on how they look.

When you buy pads from AutoZone they come with a limited lifetime warranty - 
will replace parts at no charge if they wear out prior to you transferring 
ownership of same auto.  Very interesting!!  If these pads work well I'll 
never need to purchase again - as long as I keep the UFO setup.

This brake pad was recommended by another forum member (Mike Foley) for low 
dust and good braking...he lives in Colorado so pads get considerable use in 
various conditions I would expect.  Thanks for the info.  Mike!


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