[200q20v] UFO pads

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Mon Feb 12 19:16:43 EST 2001


I can add a little to the UFO pad discussion.  Carb-tech.  My 91 200 is the
3rd car and 2nd Audi I've used their products on.

True you have to send them a dead set of UFO pads to be relined but the
Street "F" or brown pad is super.  Very low dust but very good stopping
power and a good life too.  I've had the F's on my 200 for a while now and
even left them in for a Lime Rock track event with the PDA group as it was
a rain event and I figured the speeds would low enough.  No problems and
little wear.

I did the q-club event on Carbo-tech Panther pads.  That hot dry event was
too much for them.  I beat them really hard and the transfer of pad
material to rotor face, a normal occurance according to their maker wasn't
ideal. They would have been fine if I hadn't used them so hard.  They were
also prone to squeal and dusted pretty well too.

An event on a set of Hawk blue pads worked really well at LRP.  Again I
drove the snot out of these pads but they could take it. I had sent the
Panthers back to have them redone as Hawk Blues.  I wouldn't run anything
else on a hot summer event. I'd say I could get 3-4 LRP typw speed events
out of a set.

On the street the Blues are an evil device for killing rotors.  Don't even
try to street the blues.  They leave piles of metal dust whenever you stop
the car.  Lots of metal dust too.  But at temp on the track they leave no
dust at all and just stop like crazy. The rotors looked as if I'd just been
street driving.  I took them out to drive home.

So there you have Carbo-tech opinions.  F's for the street and Blues for
the track.

  Depending on how busy they are expect a turn-around of 2 weeks, maybe


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