[200q20v] Alternator Idiot Light

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Tue Feb 13 08:27:33 EST 2001


On the money!  Checked the connections last night and the blue wire was incorrectly connected.  Now the only question is what in the world made me think that was a ground to be connected to the alternator body?  So, reattached and everythings cleared up now.


>>> Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> 02/13/01 06:16AM >>>
If the drive belt is tensioned OK, there shouldn't be a lot of add'l
charging  from "revving up the engine". But when there is (much effect from
revving above 2K), it might be a symptom that the small blue wire from the
alternator (field wire) is disconnected or corroded.


>Thanks for your input, but I'm pretty confident the alternator is Aok.
>The reason I think it might be wiring is I recently removed the alternator
>from the vehicle, and it was working fine before reinstall.  Also, lights
>work fine with car running or not, and once the voltmeter indicates the
>vehicle is up to the correct voltage, it stays there with no fluctuation.
>>>> David Schaible <dschaible at penw.com> 02/12/01 01:41PM >>>
>the brake lite circuits are activated when the voltage goes low....i am
>installing a rebuilt alternator tonite to correct this issue with my car.
>i verified that the alternator was the culprit...alt/gen usually go
>intermittent before they fail out right in my experience... although this
>last time it just died....your issue sounds like failing
>alt/gen....although there could be some large scale short or voltage
>regulator issue that is intermittent that is bringing you voltage low....(
>or maybe you shouldn't have installed 1500 amps worth of stereo upgrades to
>get that good sound and kicking bass response  ;-)...germanautoparts.com
>(adirondack auto brokers) had right one in stock..bosch rebuild for $210
>plus core which was the best price i could find, non bosch rebuilds are
>cheaper....AL179x i believe is the part # for the 110 amp unit
>At 01:17 PM 2/12/01 -0800, you wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>Has anyone had any experience with the alternator idiot light coming on in
>there cars?  I am experiencing that phenomenom right now, and along witht
>the alternator light coming on, ABS off light, and parking brake are also
>coming on and staying on.  Voltmeter shows the system to be running at 13.5
>volts or so (after reving up the engine), and the ABS is working.  Someone
>suggested it might be a function of having attached some wires to the back
>of the alternator incorrectly, but wanted to see if anyone else had some
>experience with this before I go hunt and peck.
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