[200q20v] More Stereo-Retrofit Questions....

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Wed Feb 14 08:34:48 EST 2001

Does anybody know the configuration of the rear door speakers (separate
woofer/tweeter) on the Avant?  I have yet to pull the door panels to
investigate & I am in the process of installing an aftermarket head-unit
which will not be compatible with the amplified door speakers, or so I'm
told. I am interested in the possibility of by-passing the 'built-in' amp(s)
and making use of the speakers only, if possible.  Is there one amp which
drives both L&R speakers (and where is it located..) or are there separate
amps attached to the speakers themselves; I have checked the Bentley and the
ETKA parts CD with no luck...  What's involved in removing the panels? Any
threaded fasteners or just push-pins?  Any help/suggestions would be

Chris Hemberger
91 200 20v Avant

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