[200q20v] Ughhh! Broken Idle Pulley Bolt

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Wed Feb 14 11:05:58 EST 2001

Well, my timing belt replacement was on a roll for a while - Mike Foley
suggested using a tiny drill bit to put a hole in the face of the seal and
then inserting a drywall screw, then yanking on it- worked great.

Put in the new seal, and started reassembly. As I was putting in the idle
pully bolt - this is a long skinny one, 6mmx62, I think, it snapped. I
hadn't even got to toquing it, I was just tightening it up with my hand
around the head of my 1/4" drive, hardly any leverage at all. Anyway...

The bolt is broken off about one inch into the block. Of course, it is not
an even face, its almost like a 45 degree angle. I've got my easy-outs, but
I cant get a drill bit started in the uneven face. I tried running a larger
bit in to clean up the bolt face, but it to just bounces of the surface. 

I've thought about trying a center punch, but it seems like it would just
bounce of as well, and I could end up gouging the block. 

Seems to me I need to mill the broken surface down, which is why I tried the
larger drill. Maybe this is a Dremel job, but the largest Dremel carbide
tipped milling bit seems to be 1/8 of an inch wide, which is not very big.
Larger bits are available in "hi-speed", but I don't think these work on the
steel used for these bolts.

Hmmm. I'm using "high speed" drill bits too- should I try carbide tips? 

I can't really see into this hole, you have to do it all by feel.  I'm
stuck. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! 


Tom F.

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