[200q20v] Front end getting loose!!!!Any suggestions

Griffon Financial griffon at ticon.net
Thu Feb 15 18:08:24 EST 2001

Hi all
With all the discussion of control arms I have noticed the front end on my
wife's 5000tq is getting very loose....I think the struts are junk, and
possibly the ball joints/control arms etc. The symptoms are as
follows...while accelerating/braking  on very bumpy roads( potholes) the
steeling wheel does the scottish jig,  it's almost hard to hold on to. I
just installed new rotors/brakes and new wheel bearings. It is possible that
I could have damaged the balljoints while removing the strut assemblies when
doing the wheel bearings. At any rate I think a rebuild is in order .....Any
thought would be appreciated;}


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