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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Feb 15 17:32:09 EST 2001

Ken and Keith,

I have not seen the Autozone/ Albany  UFO brake pads, so I can not be
sure that they include wear indicators, but would be suprised if
they didn't, inasmuch as the OEM parts do and therefore the
aftermarket replacements should be / usually are built to the
same specs.  $45.is an excellent price for UFO pads!  Somebody
needs to try them and report back.  What are the contacts for
Autozone and for Albany?

Let me correct/expand my previous statement below.  The MKD 467
part number is within the part numbering system used by Bendix, but
this system is also a US industry standard numbering system.  I have
a brake pad cross reference identification catalog in which this
number shows a picture of, and has correct dimensions for the UFO
required pad.  Thus, the number is a good one, but Bendix is not
currently marketing the part.

Jarid, the Euro/Asian sister company of Bendix has at least two
versions of the pad:
The Audi #441 698 151D, which is a Jurid 526FE,  $185. dealer list
and the Jarid 571562J  (I last used this one)     $77. @ IMC
Textar also has one. P/N ?                       $100. @ SSF

Anyoue know of others? P/N, supplier, and cost,that we can add
into Brett's new  Faq-O-Matic.


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Bernie and/or Keith,
Do these pads (i..e Autozone Albany ) for the 91 200TQ have the wear
indicator or are they generic?
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The part no that you quoted from Albany Brake is a Honnywell/Bendix
number, which I have been looking for and which the Bendix applications
listings does not show (in fact, they show nothing) for the '91 200-20V
and V8 with ATE calpers (the UFOs).  Thanks for the info.  I will check
out just what Bendix is listing this as used on and let you know.  The
illistration and dimensions that Bendix has in its catalog for this part
are right for the UFO pads.


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I just called AutoZone here in Norfolk. The part number they show is MKD
manufactured by Albany Brake. Price is 44.99


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