[200q20v] VAG-COM and a 200q20v

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 11:55:40 EST 2001

Only Block 0 (10 values) is supported on our cars,
which sucks. The values SHOULD make sense when
compared to the values in the Bentley.

Rob Winchell

--- Brett Dikeman <brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net>
> Anyone have an experience putting the two together?
> After taking 5 minutes to find a loose
> connector(duh) I got it working, or
> so I thought.
> First off, I couldn't use measuring blocks.  000 is
> disabled(it's
> unregistered), but all the groups said "GROUP NOT
> AVAIL" in the value
> fields.  Er?
> If y'all open your Bently manuals to Vol 1, D2-440,
> you'll see a listing
> of channels 1-10 and what they're supposed to be,
> followed by lots of "if
> it ain't in this range, your doinkus is fried" etc.
> Now, I spent about 15 minutes with the car running
> trying to figure out
> just what the heck was going on; save engine
> temperature(channel
> 1) nothing seemed to match up to the range the
> Bently said to expect with
> the engine idling and all power-sucking devices off.
>  WTF?  O2 sensor,
> engine load, engine speed...I could blip the
> throttle and none of them
> change.  Joy.
> I figured I'd see if any 200q20v owners had actually
> used it, since Uwe
> probably doesn't have a 200q20v handy nor much
> experience with them.
> Brett
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