[200q20v] Getting Acquainted

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Feb 17 11:19:55 EST 2001

>Hi All-
>I'm still getting to know the 200 20V Quattro, so I thought I'd pass on my
>continued observances of the car....
>Apart from that, I do have some questions about the 91 200 Quattro in
>general. I know we've discussed production figures here, but why did Audi
>build such an exceptional car for just one year, only to have it replaced by
>the comparitively lethargic 100/200 cars of 1992? Why were these cars built
>in such limited numbers? Were they built alongside regular 100/200 cars, or
>I guess I find it hard to believe that, according to factory figures, this
>car could eat Ferrari 308's for lunch, shame Porsche 944's, and practically
>keep up with BMW M5's that Audi did not exploit this car further.

As Mike mentioned, Audi did indeed exploit the '91 200q20V further by 
making it the basis for another 5 or 6 years of S4/S6 
production--albeit with an "updated" body style. Also keep in mind 
that Audi made and sold the type 44 version of the 20V turbo--in 
Europe-- for a year or two previous to '91, hence that "package" was 
on its last legs  by the time we in the USA finally got it.  Our 20V 
version could be considered the "beta" version for the S4 line that 
Audi planned (no flames, please)

The low overall production of the 200q20v was due mosty, IMO, to the 
fact that it was simply very expensive.  Most folks desiring a 
German-made luxo sedan costing well over 40 grand would prefer a MB 
for the instant "status" recognition it has. Audi simply wasn't yet 
considered widely as an "ultimate" high-status luxury car--(perhaps 
in Europe, but not particularly in the US)

Another factor contributing to low numbers exported to the US is that 
Audi overall sales was--in '91-- at its nadir in the USA, relative to 
the entire 1985-'95 decade. That's mainly because of the fallout from 
the "unintended acceleration" fiasco. My first '91 200q was not sold 
(new with 30 miles on the odo) until sometime in early 1992. The 
public was obviously not snapping them up like hotcakes, it seems. 
Shame on them--good for us.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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