[200q20v] Rausch Creek Raceway

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Sat Feb 17 12:39:39 EST 2001

The Rausch Creek Raceway is apparently on pace to open this spring.  It is
located near Harrisburg PA.  It is a membership based track, prices are
$600/year for a membership, $165/day at the track.  However, they have an
associate member program which is for car clubs of different sorts.

Is there any interest among NJ/PA Audi listers to forming a club which might
qualify, and get the annual price down to something less than
$600/person/year?   I'm going to email now and see what a club membership
would cost, membership minimums etc.  But I'm pretty excited about a new
real road course which is about 2 hours from Philadelphia, NYC, and
Baltimore.  They have quite a few weekend days blocked out for driving

Possibly the regional quattro club might be able to negociate something, or
even the Delaware valley bimmer group.  But it would be great to organize
something even less formal if possible.

So who might be in??  Igor? Steve M? 

Brandon H
itching for Spring, the smell of molten rubber, and the sound of a redlined

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