[200q20v] Another Introduction

Les Reid mrlesok at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 20:23:26 EST 2001

Hello 20v guys,

I'm Les Reid, from the Tulsa OK area.

I'm the proud owner (2 weeks now) of a silver/blue
91q20v. I bought it from a Mr. Peter Coulter (Denver),
I bought the car sight unseen (just taking his word
and photos) for $6500 w/146k.  That might be on the
high side of the price scale, but I wanted the car.  I
was told that the car had tb/wp, front breaks, shocks,
and clutch done in the past 3k.  It also had a tranny
(used 75-80k) just put in from a wrecked 200.  
Mr. Coulter deals in Audi parts new/used, he had
bought the car from an insurance co in Utah.  He said
it belonged to the insurance co because the car was
towed in to a shop to have a clutch job done, but they
towed it with the rear wheels on the ground and
destroyed the tranny.  Peter said that he never talked
to the previous owner but that he thought his name was
Muller from the Salt Lake city area.

Does any one know a Mr. Muller from Salt Lake City
that use to have a silver/blue 91 200q20v?
If so please let me know, I would like to call or
email him, to get the rest of the cars history.

I was told that this car has a stiffer waste gate
spring than stock (I think it is called a euro
spring?).  Will this spring hurt my mpg?  If so, do
you know how much?  I drive about 80 mi a day so I
want the best mpg this car can give.

I will have some other questions later on.

Here's my Audi story.
My first audi was a 89 200t.  This 89 200t (fwd, 150k,
bambo/black) was totaled about 4 mo back.  I bought it
(w/87k)in Aug 98 for $5500.
I owned the car for about 28 mo. 
Actually the settlement from this accident paid for my
new purchase + $1500, so the way I see it I can spend
$1500 for parts/goodies! My wife has been very

I loved my old 200 and enjoyed driving it and working
on it. Prior to this purchase I was very limited in my
knowledge of Audis. 
I found it really cool that so much information about
these cars was available from SJM's sight (thanks
Scott M.), and the qlist.
I also learned about the quattros (never heard of
quattros prior to my purchase).
Around the same time as my 89-200 I also purchased a
92 325bmw for my wife. 
I found the interior quality of my Audi to be superior
when compaired to the bmw. 

Over the course of 2yrs I discovered that Audi owners
(at least on the net) are more technical than bmw
owners.  And Audi guys are more likely to do things
Since I'm a DIY kinda guy, I was drawn to Audis.

In 99' My daughter was graduating HS and so started
keeping my eyes open for a Audi for her.  I bought a
1990 90-20vq with 133k. Not many Audis are available
in Oklahoma so it took a while.

After a few months of 200 ownership, I discovered
Chris Miller's sight and learned that this a super
200q was built in 91 (Thanks Chris for having your
sight).  I had been looking for a 9200q20v ever since.
There was never one for sale within 250 miles of Tulsa
for the 2 yrs I looked.  However I once almost bought
a sweet 90' V8q w/110k. But I was put off with the
lack of written support for the V8q.

For the delivery of the 200q20v, Mr. Coulter and I met
half way between Denver and Tulsa (Hays KS).  I drove
a wrecked 86' 5000 that I had bought for $200 just for
this trip.  We traded Audis in Hays (with a little $$
to boot from me) and went our way, what an adventure!
I will have to tell the whole story sometime.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Les Reid
91 200q20v 148k
90 90q20v 155k


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